Gift Certificates

To purchase a Gift Certificate please follow these steps:

  • Send by email the exact text you would like to appear on the Gift Certificate (ie from Ralph to Edna, etc. )
  • The number of people the Gift Certificate is for (ie Dinner for 4)
  • Tell me what you intend to pay in total, keeping in mind the service covers food, staff and taxes – but not tip which is at your discretion.
  • Let me know the contact info of the recipient

I will then send you a PDF document of the GC with the message in it which you can print out, and a sample menuyou can print out as well.

I will also send an FAQ document which describes in amusing detail what the recipient needs to know about the day of the event. You don’t have to print this out, but can email to them later.

The Gift Certificate will contain a tiny invoice number so that I can track the event, but no mention of cost.

Payment needs to be made in advance, and can be done with Email Money Transfer, Snail Mail Cheque or Square Credit Card reader.