Why Use a Personal Chef?

Why you may want to think about using a Personal Chef?

Chef Jon in the kitchenCaterers specialize in making the difficult happen.

Cooking food at a Wedding takes split second timing and is hard enough in a banquet hall, and these days many events are done in a barn or even a farmer’s field. Destination venues charge $20K or more just for the space, and have assigned food caterers for that hall.

If an event requires a moving van to carry all the décor necessary and days to set up then a Personal Chef may not be as good a choice as the large established caterers such as L’Eat or Presidential Gourmet, both of which I highly recommend for these challenges.

Beware that many home cooks can give it a try and set up shop as caterers with little or no experience in the food industry. They may even be great cooks, but you should be sure of their credentials.

For large events commercial kitchens can be rented by the day, and a personal chef should be licensed by the Canadian Personal Chef Association, and must be insured, as I am.

And getting help doesn’t have to be a secret!